09. Comic Book Capers


We’re finally back! Yay! We enjoyed our Christmas and new year and we’re ready for the best year of Duck Blur. We’re planning great guests, super ideas and more fun stuff you can point a gas gun at. We’re starting 2018 with tremendous episode of DW and Sarah discovers she can annoy me with only a pair of sunglasses.



Blurry Christmas – The Cabbage Patch Kids’ First Christmas (With Basem & Cranny!)



Blurry Christmas everyone of us! Ring in Christmas day with a retelling of the Christmas classic, The Cabbage Patch Kids’ First Christ,a, a show that features a talking stork, the Christmas spirit, pickpockets, adoption and a bunch of other stuff but we mainly talk about a cannibal clam from rural Georgia who rose the high position of senator. So, you know, the type of stuff Basem and Cranny always talk about on Turtle Power Pod.



Blurry Christmas – Sonic’s Christmas Blast (with Samantha C. King!)


Blurry Christmas is a time for friends old and new, let us introduce you to a new, cool friend of ours. Her name Sam King and she’s a storyboard artist for a little show called DUCKTALES, heard of it? We talk about Christmas and cricket and DuckTales and McDonalds and Tim Tams and how to work in animation and give out our dads’ names for some reason.


Blurry Christmas – A Dennis The Menace Christmas (with Sarah’s brothers!)

Hello! Happy Holidays everyone! Best way to be happy: AVOID THE 2007 MOVIE, A DENNIS THE MENACE CHRISTMAS. Sarah’s brothers, Jeremy and Julian are here to help spread the cheer and also work out what this Christmas movie is about!

  • Is a turkey feather allergy a real thing?
  • Why is this suddenly a Dickens rip-off?
  • What was really in those cookies?
  • Is the Dennis Clause legal?
  • Why is future Dennis dressed like Star Trek?
  • Just how many Academy Award nominees are in this pile of garbage?

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