25. Jurassic Jumble


Here were are! An episode on a Wednesday? Yeah! We’re playing catch up still after our late episode. We’ll have another episode say on like Monday (Maybe a super special episode) and then back to Sunday releases, all caught up.

This week it’s dinosaurs, textbooks, anvils and golfing in prison!

Stay Dangerous,

Michael and Sarah


24. When Aliens Collide


Man, sorry this episode is late. It’s been one of those weeks. You know, one of THOSE weeks. Anyway, here’s the episode. It’s good to be watching and talking about Darkwing Duck again after all the time off!

Here’s the postcast we recommend: https://postatomichorror.wordpress.com/

AND here’s Sarah’s brand new Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/sarahbaggsmisc

Hope you have a great time. Look after each other.

& Stay Dangerous,

Michael (and Sarah)


The Bibleman Show: Silencing The Gossip Queen

Hi there,

Bibleman! We did it. We recorded an episode about the low budget, high morality Christian TV show about beating up people with glowing swords. After last week’s episode was eaten by the computer we jumped back into the fray. Ma boi, DW will be back next week! Also, bonus episodes for Patreon out this week. Why not drop a buck or two into our hat and have a listen to ’em.

Go to https://www.thosehappyplaces.com/ to learn about that cool podcast I told you about.

Stay Dangerous,

Michael (+ Sarah)



Let’s Play Darkwing Duck (NES)


We recorded a full episode exploring the baffling but charmingly sincere TV show Bibleman but it was too beautiful to live so the computer destroyed it and smashed it into bits. DON’T WORRY! We’ll record another episode about another episode of Bibleman for next week!

So, to fill the hole we’ve recorded an audio only Let’s Play of Darkwing Duck on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s so hard, so we’re playing the version of it on the Disney Afternoon Collection which was a handy rewind feature. Listen in awe as Sarah uses it literally hundreds of times!

Thanks guys, you’re the best.

Michael (and Sarah)


23. Aduckyphobia (with Nick Mason!)


Are you doing well? I’m OK. Here’s an episode we recorded with Guest #1, internet celebrity Nick Mason! Man, he’s so much fun. We’ve really out done ourselves with guests lately, think we might have an episode or two without guests now just so we can relax.

Here’s Ben Folds on The Book Place, watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAe-u3xOcQ4&t=458s

Cranny from Turtle Power Pod got engaged! That’s so exciting! Him and Natalie are so great together.

That’s about it!

Stay Dangerous,

Michael (+ Sarah)



22. Double Darkwings (with Samantha C. King!!)


Gosh, Sam King is a best! We could (and do) talk to her for hours! This episode went for 30 mins more but I was somewhat savage in the editing suite. Anyway, any time Sam King is on you’re getting classic Duck Blur. Follow her on Twitter if you don’t, she’s the best. https://twitter.com/samanthacking

There is a little weirdness with Sarah and my recording. During a couple of moments there was some weird feedback. I’ve edited out some bits and other bits where I couldn’t edit around, I’ve tried to make it sound as pleasant as I could. We’re still new at using the field recorder and don’t know its ins and outs just yet.

DuckTales 17 has been a blast. I’m glad it’s taking a three week break so I can giving my sides a chance to heal after splitting. If you haven’t seen any, go and watch it. Aussies, it’s on iTunes.

Here’s the link to that DuckTalks article I mention in the episode. https://ducktalks.com/2018/05/14/duckburg-cribs-launchpad-edition/

And here is the Jim Cummings Funny or Die video we mention at the start. So funny! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKlot5KcFAg

Anyway, please donate to our Patreon and/or reveiw us on iTunes.

Stay Dangerous,

Michael (and Sarah)



20. Just Us Justice Ducks Pt. 2 (with TAD STONES!!!)


Tad Stones came on our lil’ Disney Duck podcast. That is incredible. Never did we imagine when we started this crazy endeavour years ago did we even imagine getting to talk to a true Disney legend. Tad Stones (along with his talented team) made Darkwing Duck, the show we watch! Not only did he come on the show but he traded puns with Sarah, explained ‘yeh, yeh, yeh’, joked around and put up with us for over two hours!

So, a massive thanks to Tad and I hope you guys love it as much as we did.

Stay Dangerous,




20. Just Us Justice Ducks Pt. 1 (with Frank Angones!!)


Oh man! Frank Angones is on the show! Have you seen how good that DuckTales 17 is? And Frank is the co-producer/story editor. He has the teleplay credit for both ‘Woo-oo!’ and ‘Beware The B.U.D.D.Y System’ which are two of my favourite episodes so far (love the new Gizmoduck and DW) He was a great sport doing the show on his one day off between a family trip to Japan and starting back at the duck mines, where he makes DuckTales.

As always, there is a few technical hiccups when Frank is on and today is no different. But it is the best sounding one yet, so much so that I don’t need to put a warning at the top of the show. The day after we recorded this episode our new recording equipment arrived which would have helped greatly. Next time, Frank, you’ll sound like a dream.

By the way, on the first episode Frank was on (80-something Metal Attraction), I asked him about a DuckTales ride at Disneyland and he replied something like ‘All I want is a DuckTales parade that I get to lead’. Well, the other day Disneyland had a DuckTales parade!! So, he gets to tick that dream off of his list. Although, he didn’t get to lead it, I guess.

If you listen closely, you’ll discover who is on next week. Yes, it’s very exciting!

Update: We talk about Emmys. Sadly, DT didn’t win any this year. But it doesn’t matter cos they brought back Michael Bell to play Quackerjack for like two lines and that’s the coolest thing in the damn world. Also they cast Bassem Youssef in the Egypt episode, so mad props for their casting choices.

Anyway, it’s heaps late and we have to record with another cool international guest tomorrow (not saying who, you’ll find out in like a month).

Stay Dangerous,



19. Days Of Blunder


Man, it’s late. It’s like 1:30 in the morning, Saturday night. Sarah’s not the only one who is burning the midnight oil these days. Actually, Sarah’s not here this weekend and I have too readily reverted to my bachelor days, my very unhealthy bachelor days. Late nights, video games and cheap food. If Sarah left me alone long enough she would return home to find me, somehow both shriveled AND bloated.

I remembered a line Captain America says! “I am Steve Rogers!” he says it to Groot!

This is a good episode of DWD. I hope you enjoy. As always we talk about a bunch of other cartoons. Cartoons like Alias the Jester where I realize I know nothing about them and Sheep In The Big City, a cartoon I hadn’t thought of in 15 years. I watched a bit of both for clips. Sheep = good, Alias = no good.

Next week, the first of our big eps come out. Looking forward to your reactions. I hope you like it. We never got into this podcast games to meet ‘big’ names but it’s really a nice perk. Who would be your dream guest on our show?

Stay Dangerous,

Michael xoxoxox


18. You Sweat Your Life


Hope you’re having a good weekend (or weekday, whenever you read this). I had a pretty quiet weekend. We had dinner with my mum. her husband, my sister, her husband and kids. We went to a new entertainment area that has a bunch of fancy new restaurants. Pretty fancy for our part of Melbourne. There’s one of those new cinemas that has a kids theatre with a slide inside. I bet they wouldn’t let me on the slide.

I liked Avengers a lot. But I guess I was kinda sleepy because I can’t remember Captain America saying anything. He talked though, right? I’m going to have to see it again. I liked that posh alien preacher guy though. Solo is the next big, big movie, right? I hope it’s good but these days if you don’t like a Star Wars movie there’s another one coming out next year anyway. I loved The Last Jedi too by the way.

Anyway, here’s a link to Amores Patos (http://amorespatospodcast.libsyn.com/) subscribe and listen. They don’t have a steady release schedule but that’s because they’re students. It’s my favourite DuckTales podcast and I try and listen to them all because I’m protective of the ‘genre’ that Sarah and I were the only entry in for the longest time. But Anna and Faby are the real deal.

Hey, in two weeks time we have a pretty massive guest on. It’s gonna be a long episode too. Then the week after we have another huge guest on and it’s even longer. Wow, I’ve got a lot of editing to do but it’s gonna be worth it. (It’s not Maso, but I’ve been talking to him and we’re going to have him back soon. It’s been almost a year since he was last on. That’s crazy!)

I’m waiting for this episode to upload. Then I go to bed because I have a 5am start tomorrow. My guess is that Sarah will stay up to 2am, working on her craft and watching Outlander. She’s going away for a few nights this week to help our friend with her kids. I’m gonna miss her heaps. Don’t tell her though, keep us between us two.

Stay Dangerous, I’ll talk more next week,

Michael xoxox