22. Double Darkwings (with Samantha C. King!!)


Gosh, Sam King is a best! We could (and do) talk to her for hours! This episode went for 30 mins more but I was somewhat savage in the editing suite. Anyway, any time Sam King is on you’re getting classic Duck Blur. Follow her on Twitter if you don’t, she’s the best. https://twitter.com/samanthacking

There is a little weirdness with Sarah and my recording. During a couple of moments there was some weird feedback. I’ve edited out some bits and other bits where I couldn’t edit around, I’ve tried to make it sound as pleasant as I could. We’re still new at using the field recorder and don’t know its ins and outs just yet.

DuckTales 17 has been a blast. I’m glad it’s taking a three week break so I can giving my sides a chance to heal after splitting. If you haven’t seen any, go and watch it. Aussies, it’s on iTunes.

Here’s the link to that DuckTalks article I mention in the episode. https://ducktalks.com/2018/05/14/duckburg-cribs-launchpad-edition/

And here is the Jim Cummings Funny or Die video we mention at the start. So funny! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKlot5KcFAg

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Stay Dangerous,

Michael (and Sarah)



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