20. Just Us Justice Ducks Pt. 1 (with Frank Angones!!)


Oh man! Frank Angones is on the show! Have you seen how good that DuckTales 17 is? And Frank is the co-producer/story editor. He has the teleplay credit for both ‘Woo-oo!’ and ‘Beware The B.U.D.D.Y System’ which are two of my favourite episodes so far (love the new Gizmoduck and DW) He was a great sport doing the show on his one day off between a family trip to Japan and starting back at the duck mines, where he makes DuckTales.

As always, there is a few technical hiccups when Frank is on and today is no different. But it is the best sounding one yet, so much so that I don’t need to put a warning at the top of the show. The day after we recorded this episode our new recording equipment arrived which would have helped greatly. Next time, Frank, you’ll sound like a dream.

By the way, on the first episode Frank was on (80-something Metal Attraction), I asked him about a DuckTales ride at Disneyland and he replied something like ‘All I want is a DuckTales parade that I get to lead’. Well, the other day Disneyland had a DuckTales parade!! So, he gets to tick that dream off of his list. Although, he didn’t get to lead it, I guess.

If you listen closely, you’ll discover who is on next week. Yes, it’s very exciting!

Update: We talk about Emmys. Sadly, DT didn’t win any this year. But it doesn’t matter cos they brought back Michael Bell to play Quackerjack for like two lines and that’s the coolest thing in the damn world. Also they cast Bassem Youssef in the Egypt episode, so mad props for their casting choices.

Anyway, it’s heaps late and we have to record with another cool international guest tomorrow (not saying who, you’ll find out in like a month).

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