19. Days Of Blunder


Man, it’s late. It’s like 1:30 in the morning, Saturday night. Sarah’s not the only one who is burning the midnight oil these days. Actually, Sarah’s not here this weekend and I have too readily reverted to my bachelor days, my very unhealthy bachelor days. Late nights, video games and cheap food. If Sarah left me alone long enough she would return home to find me, somehow both shriveled AND bloated.

I remembered a line Captain America says! “I am Steve Rogers!” he says it to Groot!

This is a good episode of DWD. I hope you enjoy. As always we talk about a bunch of other cartoons. Cartoons like Alias the Jester where I realize I know nothing about them and Sheep In The Big City, a cartoon I hadn’t thought of in 15 years. I watched a bit of both for clips. Sheep = good, Alias = no good.

Next week, the first of our big eps come out. Looking forward to your reactions. I hope you like it. We never got into this podcast games to meet ‘big’ names but it’s really a nice perk. Who would be your dream guest on our show?

Stay Dangerous,

Michael xoxoxox


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