18. You Sweat Your Life


Hope you’re having a good weekend (or weekday, whenever you read this). I had a pretty quiet weekend. We had dinner with my mum. her husband, my sister, her husband and kids. We went to a new entertainment area that has a bunch of fancy new restaurants. Pretty fancy for our part of Melbourne. There’s one of those new cinemas that has a kids theatre with a slide inside. I bet they wouldn’t let me on the slide.

I liked Avengers a lot. But I guess I was kinda sleepy because I can’t remember Captain America saying anything. He talked though, right? I’m going to have to see it again. I liked that posh alien preacher guy though. Solo is the next big, big movie, right? I hope it’s good but these days if you don’t like a Star Wars movie there’s another one coming out next year anyway. I loved The Last Jedi too by the way.

Anyway, here’s a link to Amores Patos (http://amorespatospodcast.libsyn.com/) subscribe and listen. They don’t have a steady release schedule but that’s because they’re students. It’s my favourite DuckTales podcast and I try and listen to them all because I’m protective of the ‘genre’ that Sarah and I were the only entry in for the longest time. But Anna and Faby are the real deal.

Hey, in two weeks time we have a pretty massive guest on. It’s gonna be a long episode too. Then the week after we have another huge guest on and it’s even longer. Wow, I’ve got a lot of editing to do but it’s gonna be worth it. (It’s not Maso, but I’ve been talking to him and we’re going to have him back soon. It’s been almost a year since he was last on. That’s crazy!)

I’m waiting for this episode to upload. Then I go to bed because I have a 5am start tomorrow. My guess is that Sarah will stay up to 2am, working on her craft and watching Outlander. She’s going away for a few nights this week to help our friend with her kids. I’m gonna miss her heaps. Don’t tell her though, keep us between us two.

Stay Dangerous, I’ll talk more next week,

Michael xoxox


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